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 General Rules

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: General Rules    Sat May 19, 2012 12:00 pm


-Read the story, the extra information to understand fully the story ans concept of this forum. This will help you make the character.

- Read all the rule sections. Make sure you understand everything... I know reading all this is a pain but this is to make sure you understand how all this works! ><

-Complete your Character Presentation Sheet befor RPing and post it in the right section.

-Respect at all times the other members. No racism, no judging on peoples religions or sexual orientation ect... No name calling, like calling others bitch, ass ect...! This will not be tolorated by the admistrators if it happens!

-If anyone on the forum disrespects you or have any other problemes, send a PM to one of the admins.

-If an administrator tells you to fix something just do it! It means that something wasn't right...

-Try to be as active as possible. I know we don't always have time to post, so we will be tolorent with this. Though the more time you post, the funner it is!

-If you don't want to come back on the forum, or want you acount deleated, or think that you wont be on much, please tell one of the admins, so that the admins and the other users know who are the active users.

-Please notify the administrators for very long absences due to computer problemes or something else, no need for details, post it in the topic "Absences". It's to help us keep track of who still wanting to play and the other RPers if you where posting with them.

- You may have as may accounts (Characters) as you want, again, as long as you keep them active. Also if you are an active user., in other words , if you are to come only once evry few months keep it to one acount!

-You have the right to make as many topics as long as you can keep them active.

-Regarding the flood, games or talking about random subjects, we ask you to do so in the "Non RP Fun" section. You can also post fanfiction, random stories in the flood. Tho Like in the RP section anything sex related, plese mention it in the subject title. You can find the details about this in an other section.

-If you want to get in a RP topic that already started, ask the people who are already in that topic before you throw yourself in.

-If you do not want to be disturbed in your RP topic by other people, please mention it in the RP tile (details HERE)

-DON'T STEAL any of the texts that the other users will have posted here AND DON'T use them OUTSIDE of this forum!!!! No one likes go get theirs ideas taken!!!!!

- Respect the writting rules, that will be posted HERE!!!

The Golden Rule: HAVE FUN!!!! ^.^
I want people here to feel like this place is like a big family!!! ^^



The administrators will be sending you warnings by PM if any probles that occure. The consiquensese will vary depending of the seriousness of the problem. We will be as tolorant as the situation allows us. And hoping to never needing to go to extream mesrus. Some situations we will be giving just a certain number of warnings and if the persist, these are the cases that may end up in an extream mesur. If this should accur, we will be giving more details.
Though I think we can all be mature enough to solve the problems in a peacful manner! ^^ As long as you respect everything asked of you, no need to be scared and have fun!

For people that hasn't posted or loged on in over a year, we will be sending a message to know if you still want to be part of this forum. Well will be make census ever 2 years to know who still wants to be prat of this story.


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General Rules
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