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 Registration Rules

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Registration Rules   Sat May 19, 2012 12:36 pm

Your username: USE THE NAME OF YOUR CHARACTER!!! The name of your character should not have any numbers or bars (_ -) or quotes(") or stars(*), only letters like a real name but should not be your real name. FULL name is recomended. Their has been some trouble people trying to join... the forum is saying that some user name is taken... even if it isn't! So If the name you wanted isn't really taken, join with a different name an go see in the Members if the name isn't already taken. Send a PM to an Administrator for the name you really wanted if it's not in the list. Using The Caracters full name helps to avoid this problem.

Note: If you made a mistake with your email, no need to make an other count. At the bottom of the forum page you can message me using this link: HERE and I can activate your acount myself.

Your Avatar: The Avatar is an abligation. It's to give an idea of how your character looks like. Your avatar must be absolutely manga or drawing-style. We do not want to see pictures! Also, the character must look like it it's atleast 18 or so! To keep things looking well, for the width of the image I want it to be 180, nor more nor less, for the height it doesn't matter as long as it between 250 too 400.

Your signature: Don't use an image that is too big. If we find it too big, we will send you a warning. If after this warning your signature is still as big, we will remove it.

Total number of accounts: There is no limit to the number of accounts you may have on this forum. However, they must all be active.


Though you may post in the Non RP sections while you wait to get validated! ^^


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Registration Rules
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