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 Role Playing and Writing Rules

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Role Playing and Writing Rules   Sat May 19, 2012 11:50 am

Here are some rules to follow if you want to stay in the right eye of the admins ^ ^

-You must fill in your presentation sheet and wait to get validated by an administrator before starting to RP. Yet the non RP section is available to post in till you complete your sheet and get validated.

-Hentai,Yaoi Yuri is accepted on this forum! NOTE: Since there are some sensitive or some teenagers that sometimes joins these kind of forums... It is an obligation to mention in the topic title if you are going to make a pervert kind of topic. If you don't like this kind of this kind of topic DON'T read it!

-Fighting is accepted between characters, keep in mind that you are not the most powerful person on the forum! Every one has weaknesses and strengths. Try to keep the fights as "realistic" as possible...

-Two RP characters are aloud to hate each other and give them selves names or hate an other species. For example the typical hatred between lycans a vampires is accepted. Calling each other bastards or telling the other character to shut up is ok!
*NOTE: THIS IS ONLY IN GAME!!! * Again, no racism or name calling outside of the game!!! If the person tells you out of game they don't like it or to stop doing something... please have respect and stop!

- You only control your character! Don't ever control an other person character. In other words, don't write what the other person is reacting or doing to what you wrote! That is up to them to decide what their reaction is to what your character is doing! Your Character may give orders or try to force them to do something but, like I said, it's up to them the reaction they will have.

-No double posting in the Role playing section! Let time for the other person to answer. If you made some mistakes, you can always edit the post.


Titling of the Topics:
1- Hentai,Yaoi and Yuri RPs: If you are going to be making this kind of topic please mention in the post title.
EX: Title +[HOT PR] or Title + [RP+]

2- If you don't want anyone to join in the topic.
Title+ [PRP plus names of the people that can join]

RP Posting Rules:

1 - When you start a new topic, we ask you to write 7 lines minimum. The rest of the time, please write 5 complete lines. And I like to say that the lines must be absolutely complete lines. The complete lines mean from side to side of the page. (In this post, there are 15 full lines)

2 - For the dialog between your characters please follow the following codes.
For the dialogs , you have two choices: either a dash (-) or quotation marks ("). The choice of whether or not to use color or bold is yours.
The thoughts of your character, you have only one choice: the little stars or asterisks (*). The choice of color or any other remains yours.
Finally, the rest of your text, actions, put them in italics.

For all endings of topics, please write clearly: ----------- End of topic ---------
Or: ---- Next place ---- "and name of the topic".

3-Try use vocabulary in an appropriate way on this forum. We will not accept SMS language or Chat. Please, tried to make as few mistakes as possible grammatically.
The only place you'll be right on the chat-box.

Here is a helpful tip to know about how many phrases/sentences that are needed for the minimal lines we ask for...

4 lines= paragraph of 12+ complete phrases*
5 lines= paragraph of 15+ complete phrases*
6 lines= paragraph of 18+ complete phrases*
7 lines= paragraph of 21+ complete phrases*

*These conditions may vary depending of the length of your sentences. The shorter they are the more you need to write. If we ask you to write more to your posts or descriptions or story in your presentation sheets... Please do as told!! ^^


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Role Playing and Writing Rules
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