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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 Akinobu Alsvieth

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Akinobu Alsvieth

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PostSubject: Akinobu Alsvieth    Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:20 pm

Last Name: Alsvieth
First name: Akinobu
Nickname: Oni
Age: 322 762 year old

Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Rank: Master
Profession: Mercenary
Kingdom: Seishin-Mori

- Darkness manipulation
- Liquid Manipulation
- Darkness, telepathy
- Earth Manipulation
- Darkness, Mutation

Description of your powers:
- Darkness Manipulation: using the dark powers within my blood, I can manipulate your thoughts and force you to kill the person you love most.
- Liquid Manipulation: Not only do I control water, I have pushed myself to leanr how to manipulate every liquids out there. That includes your blood.
-Darkness, Telepathy: If you are close enough from me and don't want to give me the information i desire, I will scramble in your brain to get it. Even if you can keep your mouth shut, your thoughts are open like books to me.
-Earth Manipulation: I only use one part of this gift, I make my bones stronger, sometimes I make them grow until they pierced through my skin and I use my bones as weapons.
-Darkness, Mutation: As often as I wish it, I can mutate either part or my whole body into an animal. For example, I can have just the fangs of a wolf, or I can Be a wolf.

What Kind of Master: Evil, perverted, and kinda possessive of his toys.

Physical Description: Even though I look like a sweet little angel, I am nothing like one. I have long black hair that reach my hips. My eyes are crimson even when I am not angry, they used to be a soft green color. My skin is a pale cream color and I've been told it is very soft. Like I care. My cloak is the only thing I care about. It is a deep crimson with golden decorations on the hood and the tip of the sleeves. I wear a light armor in a dark color and always wear my boots. I killed for those. My weapon is my own creation, a double syth made out of the scales of a silver dragon. The handle is very long. On my right hand, I wear a gauntlet, nothing of my left hand. I can have wings, they are just as crimson as my cloak, but I don't use them very often.
Though when I do get pissed, I tend to use my nails who grow into claws, and my eyes turn a bright, glowing red. My skin gets a little darker and very sharp fangs grow in my mouth, but that what I've been told anyway. It seems I have no control over my vampire form.
Psychological Description: Why buy when you can have it for free? All I have to do is kill the one who won't give me what I want. Ever since the first time I drew blood out of someone, I became hooked to the crimson nectar. I love the look, I love the smell and I love the taste. The thrill of a battle excites my senses, the thought of cutting through other people's skin and muscles makes me smile and giggle. I kill anyone who touches my hair or my stuff, If you survive after doing such a thing, it's only because you interest me in some way. Or, it's because I decided to rape you in order to make myself relax. Even though sometimes, it triggers my other form to come out, and then you eventually die.

Story: So, apparently, killing is illega now. I was caught, and senteced in a dungeon for many millenia. I grew angry and hungry for revenge in that cold, dark environnement. I killed all my cellmates. And when I was finally released, I flew back to my parents only to find out they had another son while I was in jail. Not only that, but they refused to have me back in the family, saying that I was a monster and that I dirtied the name of our clan. I left, I was curious to know about this younger brother of mine. I heard he had the same proble I did, I heard he couldn't control his vampire side either. He made me curious. It was thank to him that our parents survived. It was because I wanted to see him, wanted to know what he looked like. Was he, like me, overwhelmed by the powers of the darkness or was he still in control of his pulsions. I've learned his name was Valdrigr, so I searched for him for years before hearing about a fresh trail of a man with a draken. A smile broke through and I landed in that town. I was going to meet with my brother and he will suffer for taking my place in the family.

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Akinobu Alsvieth    Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:22 pm

Every thing seems to be in order!! Welcome!! ^^



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Akinobu Alsvieth
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