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 NEW POST for Valdrigr Alsvieth

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Valdrigr Alsvieth

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PostSubject: NEW POST for Valdrigr Alsvieth   Sat May 26, 2012 1:43 pm

Last Name: Alsvieth
First name: Valdrigr
Age: 7000

Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: men

Rank: Master
Profession: Poet
Kingdom: Seishin-mori

- Thunder
- Darkness
- Light
Description of your powers:

Thunder: summons thunder storm, cast lightning and electric shock to an attack. most of them are basically controlling thunder element and uses it as i please. this includes in using it as a weapon ( ex; sword)

Light :

-healing wounds with my own power and ability ( this depends on my strength and the energy that i have left). i can do this to heal others as well.
-regen, which means i can heal faster and my cells regenerate themselves when they are wounded.
- negate attack : when i got attacked, i can neutralize it and even reflect it back to the attacker.

- metamorph : can turn into vampire ( from angel form) and when this happens i will go berserk and attacking till my prey is no longer breathing. ( this power is uncontrollable)
- blood lust : with this, i can burn my own blood which makes me stronger and turns the people who touches me into ashes. very useful when facing an opponent who is immune to melee or magic attack.

This is the power when vald turns into a half vampire being. This vampire vald is cruel, and act like a beast hard to tame and wild. this will showed up if vald feels greatly threatened by something or when the moon raise to replace the sun. he won't use this power if he feels safe and sound. however during the form of half vampire, vald's sense is sharper than any living things and he could hear and see from a very far distance, even from the world of undead.

What Kind of Master: Romantic, melancholy , unpredictable


Half angel, half vampire, that’s what Vladrigr is made from. During the day, Vald would take form of an Angel – like being with peerless beauty figure, white wings that spread beautifully like the sky that embrace the sun.
Actually, this is his true form, with dark mahogany hair, red lips as fresh as blood flowing from wounded vein. Skin as white as snow, and as soft as rose petals. His eyes gaze upon a sky as if they are enhancing the beauty of clear sky. His tall, slim figure makes his gorgeous figure shine even brighter.
However, when the sun falls and the moon calls, the angel – like valdrigr change, he transform into a half vampire being. With sharp fangs adorn his red blood lips, his angelic Jade eyes will turn into a burning fire. And the wings of the night will appear on his back, a pair or bat wings that could fly as high as the sky would soar.
To say in short, Valdrigr has two physical appearances that will shows up following the sun and the moon’s time. With two physical appearances, rumor has spread throughout the lad he is living in that at the time of the moon, a beast will appear in the high mountain, hidden amongst trees and flowers under the grace of moonlight shadow


It is not easy to be a fusion of vampire and angel . As for valdrigr, he has been through lots of life. With his two forms, he got a split of personalities which are the angel-like Vald who is gentle and loving person, and the other vald who is half vampire with dark personality, thirst of blood and like a wild beast, he rampage without fear to crash his enemies.
First, is the Angel –like vald. This is actually, his real self. Valdrigr is actually a gentle and loving person; he also has a great taste for art. People often called him the “God of Art” for his lovely masterpiece of poetry. He is known as the most beautiful and the best poet in the place where he came from. The romantic, gentle, yet melancholy Valdrigr is surely loved by lots of men and women. Not just them, even spirits of underworld would kill to hear him chant his poems.
Second, is the vampire-like vald. This is the dark side of vald. When the sun falls and the moon calls, Vald would change into a Vampire. This vampire Vald, is a blood thirsty being. He cares not for what he does or where he goes. All he cares are blood and yearning for romance. Nobody knows this side of vald since he always lock himself inside his underground room which is locked by a sacred seal that only the Angelic vald or a sorcerer , halvir hroptr who could break the seal.
For the short, it is kind of hard to understand this character, valdrigr Alsvieth. Since the split of personality and appearances will act differently towards the people and nature. Even though Vald has two contrast personalities, it is said that there is one thing that those two Vald have in common which is remain mystery and only known by Vald himself and Halvir the sorcerer.


Valdrigr Alsvieth, feels like he was born out of nothing and he does not even know the essence of his existence. Even vald does not know how he could enter this realm of world. Since he never knew his parents. All he knows is that he is half vampire and half angel. He is surely has a breath taking beauty that would make all living things grow jealous and envious towards him. Although lots of people adore and admire him, even worship him, there are others who are jealous over his beauty and make a plot against him.

One day when Vald has just return from his journey to seek for a spirit, a friend come by and offer him a nectar, too bad that Vald was too naïve and drink the nectar. Just when he finished the nectar, his mind went chaos an, that is how is personality got split. This is the beginning of vald’s quest cure his problem.

Lucky for vald, that there is someone who can cure his shifting shape, he is a famous sorcerer called Halvir hroptr . soon as vald heard of him, he sets out journey to find this sorcerer and be cured of his curse. As they meet and start a journey together, vald and Halvir fell in love, they are madly in love that halvir forgot about releasing vald from the curse.

Things just get more interesting when the vampire-side of vald is beginning to become gentle in his wildness. Every time Halvir touch him, both angelic and vampire-like vald would sink into pleasure and drowning in passion that is beyond words to describe. what kind of passion that is beyond words? and thsi too remains mystery and unknown

a Loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: NEW POST for Valdrigr Alsvieth   Mon May 28, 2012 2:26 pm

Ok so I fixed a few details... nothing much!

You're Validated! Have fun freind! ^^


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NEW POST for Valdrigr Alsvieth
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