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 Ishida clan....... vampire pet...

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Kurenai Ishida

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PostSubject: Ishida clan....... vampire pet...   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:31 pm

Last Name: Ishida
First name: Kurenai
Nickname: The Silver Fang
Age: 18 989

Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: anything that pleases me

Rank: Pet
Always been a pet?: used to be prince then get caught and sealed
Ex Profession: N/A
Kingdom: Jakuu

Powers: [Maximum 4 powers: at least one power from darkness and 3 others from same or other elements. Give the name and element of your power on each line.]
- Drain / Devour
- Mind Blast
- Reflection
- Armageddon
Description of your powers:

Drain/ Devour: I have the ability of devouring someone’s blood and energy. This can be done if that person touches me, share body fluids, or tries to go inside my head. Once they do those things, I can simply drain them. This works as healing as well. When I drain my enemy’s energy, it’ll replenish mine and close all of my wounds. The stronger the victim is, the faster I drain them.

Mind Blast: With this power, I can completely control people’s mind without them noticing. I can manipulate all of their senses and make them see what I wanted them to see. I can cast severe damage to their brain when doing this. When I use it at full strength, the victim will suffer amnesia for a long time, that is, if I don’t heal them and let them stay at such state.

Reflection: If someone uses his/her power to attack me, I can reflect it back at them. It is simply like mirror effect. This also works in healing powers. If my enemies heal their ally, I can activate this ability and it will make the healing goes to me instead of their ally.

Armageddon: this is my most favorite. With this ability I can cast a massive meteor strikes that can destroy a kingdom. Nobody can run from this attack since the range is too wide. Even if they are lucky enough to avoid it, they will still be severely wounded.

Physical Description:[ at least 4 complete lines]
A pure vampire is what I am. If you look closer, I have a long silver hair that reaches my waist but some parts of my hair are red. I’m not that much of a tall guy like the others; it is only about 6 feet or around 180 Cm, just around that number for my height. As for my weight, it’s around 60 kilograms so you can imagine that I’m thin and only have small muscles on my body which is almost “invincible”. For my skin, it’s a pinkish white from head to toe. I have a pair of dark brown eyes and rosy lip. Due to this appearance almost everyone call me “My lady, which I don’t really mind when they do that. I wears white kimono with dragon ornament in the back. To tighten it, I wear a red shawl around my waist with a blend color of red and gold. I also have a pair of silver wings that looks exactly like a bat wings. It goes from my back all the way down to my feet. These wings are controllable and I can make them disappear when I’m on the ground.

Psychological Description:[ at least 4 complete lines]
I am a person who is filled with mystery and unpredictable. One moment I can act all nice and friendly while in another event I can be cruel and merciless. Sometimes I can be a provoking person especially when it comes to pleasure. I’m not a perverted one I just enjoy teasing and playing with my partner for a while. When I feel like it, I will give them what they want and please them, but when I’m not in the mood, I can simply ignore them or even act all rude. Having such contrast personality is never hard for me since that makes me able to act according to the situation that I am in. This is what makes people think that I’m slightly twisted in personality but the thing is I like it when I’m twisted a little. Being all to ordinary is just not my style and I can’t stand ordinary things.

Story:[at least 6 complete lines]

At first, I lived with my master. That was the most pleasant moment in my life. He was a perverted guy but very gentle in his way of treating me. Back then it was all heaven to me, my life was perfect just the way it was. Every day he would have his way with me and made me scream his name out loud when he held me. We drowned in a lusty lecherous sex almost every day. But such happy and delightful moment washed away when his enemy attacked his mansion. We were outnumbered by them. Though I can defeat those bastards all by myself, my master did not allow me to do so. He said that I should not stain my hand with the blood of those worthless scumbags. However, this side of him brings grief to me, my master sent me away since he did not want his enemy to get a hold of me and my powers for he would use me for wrong cause. Few months later I found my master’s body, lifeless. He sacrifice his life to save mine, I loved him so much for that, and now I have no one by my side and seeking a new master that can treat me well.

What kind master you want: the one that makes me delighted.

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Ishida clan....... vampire pet...   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:50 pm

Wrlcome! Everything is fine! ^^



...Broken Wings, Broken Soul... Thus we Hide Behind a Mask to Hide our Trueself...
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Ishida clan....... vampire pet...
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