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 Seishiro Kurai

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Seishiro Kurai

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PostSubject: Seishiro Kurai   Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:47 pm

Last Name: Kurai
First name: Seishiro
Nickname: Dark shadow
Age: 5049

Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: don't know yet

Description of Dragon Form: His scales are a metalic blue color going lighter closer to his belly. He has a long body like the chinese dragonds. All along his back, leg joints and at the end of his tail, he has light blue hair. The hair is really long at his tail. A litle darken then his scales. In his face, he has reallu long wiskers and piercing violet eyes. He has strong legs, not to short nor long. He also has long strieght horns on his head. Being a chinese like dragon he can fly. His ice powers are stronger when he is in his dragon form.

Rank: Master
Profession: Mercenary
Kingdom: Jakuu

- Darkness= Shadow blending
- Earth= Metal illusions
- Darkness= Mental torture
- Water= Ice
Description of your powers: His first power of darkness, Seishiro can blend in or make him self compleatly dissapear in the shadows. Even if there isn't much shadow to hide in, he can still hide. He uses the shadows as an invisibility cloak. This power also allows him to move quickly from shadow to shadow. This is his strongest power in human form.
He has an other power linked to darkness, he can mentaly touture people with visions are make the go compleatly crazy and paranoide with images in thier heads. (Sort of like Itachi's power in Naruto). Though it dosn't mean that he always puts in bad images in your head. The tortur he keeps that for his enemies.
His earth element power is to cover his whole body with metal or block anything out of metal from his body. This means wepons dont have much effect on him. when he uses this, it looks like if he is covering up his body with his dragon scales.
His water power is to use ice in diffrent ways, molding it in the way he needs it to make a wepon. Ice daggers are what he does the most often and throws them at his enemies. This powers works better when he is in his dragon form.
What Kind of Master: He is kind to the people he cares for, but every one else he dosn't like, he can be really crul.

Physical Description: Seishiro has really piercing evil looking red eyes that often scares off people. He has very long dark hair that cascades down his back. His muscles are very built up due to all the training and fighting he has been through. He has a very dark and imposing appearance that also scares off people. He usually likes to keep his chest out in the open, rarely wearing any kind of shirt. When he dose, he has a black shirt that matches with his baggy fighting pants. He also sometimes wear a black kimono that he keeps the top partly opened. Why not let his nicely built chest well seen? He also prefurs to keep his appearence as simple as possible. He hates invading his space with useless accessories.
Psychological Description: He is as silent as the shadows he always hides in. He prefers to stay away from people as often as he can. He lets himself get seen only when he feels like it. He always been the solitary type of person. People always sees him as a very cold and evil person. His silence and deep look in his cold eyes gives them this feeling. Not a lot of people know the real him that is actually very kind and caring.   
Though as a mercenary, he takes his job very seriously. He never gives up on his mission and makes sure that the job is done perfectly. His job doesn't help with his reputation of being cold and evil. He rarely let's his emotions show. It always hurts him when people back away from him because they are scared of him. 

Seishiro also hates taking orders from people. That is why he doesn't let's himself get caught to become a pet once more. If he is to take orders from someone, it will be because that person proved to him that they are strong enough to rule him. Though they would need to beat him in a battle. 

Story: Story:

Seishiro's story begins when he barely became an adult. His village got attacked by a strong army. No one was expecting this attack so they weren't even ready to fight back. He was captured along with other people from his village and they where all forced to become pets for the people of this army. One of the generals eyes went straight for Seishiro and was then destined to live his life under his orders. Why did he chose him? Seishiro never knew why he did.  Seishiro didn't complain about his fate. He was just as weak physically and mentally. He didn't know how to fight back. Though compared to some of pets around him, Seishiro was lucky in a way. He wasn't being mistreated like the most of them. His master was actual quite kind to him.  

Though his master was pleased enough of Seishiro's appearance. Even if he was attractive, his body was skinny and not built like a fighters body. His master wanted him to have his muscles more built up. Being kind, his master decided to train him so that he would get a better appearance. This might of been a fatal mistake. When the other generals started complaining about his kindness, his master stared changing. He was becoming more and more cruel and violent like every one else in this demon like army. He wasn't allowed to do anything or say anything with out getting some kind of punishment. Still to weak to fight off someone as strong, he secretly continued his training on his own just until he was sure that he could fight his master off. When the time was right, he shredded his master in small pieces. He wasn't going to come back anytime soon! He had to fight off a few of the other solders before he could finally run away. 

This is when his new live of freedom finally starts! At first it was hard because he needed to hide and find food and shelter without being caught again or even killed. It took a long time before he could roam around freely without fearing for his safety.  This is when a man approached him to ask him if he could  do a mission for him. Seishiro did look  like a ninja and was strong enough. Since he needed money for food, he accepted and this is how he started being a mercenary. 

It has been long enough since he ran away to be considered a free man. He isn't linked anymore to any master. Besides, it is not like if that man that used to be his will come anytime soon. Or at least he hopes.  He doesn't want to be a slave ever again!   

Other: He has two katanas as weapon. He also has two bags around his waist; one with shirukens and the other kunais.

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Seishiro Kurai   Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:20 pm

Welcome!! Nice to see you finished your sheet! It's all in order! ^^ hope you will have fun!! ^^



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Seishiro Kurai
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