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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 Seiyoku Hoshii

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Seiyoku Hoshii

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PostSubject: Seiyoku Hoshii   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:49 pm

Last Name: Hoshii
First name: Seiyouku
Nickname: --
Age: 665 years old

Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: Women hold no interest for me

Rank: Even though I act as a pet, I am a Master
Profession: --
Kingdom: I am from no Kingdom, but from a pack of Lycans in the forest.

- Light
- Fire
- Earth
- Wind
- Water
Description of your powers:
Light: I can easily forsee things in the near futur, but it never seems to work for my futur.
Fire: I controle it, but I still have alot of trouble with it.
Earth: I can understand nature, but it doesn't mean I controle the animals! I can only move the soil under me.
Wind: i prefer using electricity in the air the protect my self, but the instant my concentration is gone, I can't grasp that power again!
Water: I am able to manipulate the cristals found in water, which permits me to make myself ice, or a strong enough weapon.
What Kind of Master: I am a strange master, for exemple, I act like a pet! But I am perverted!

Physical Description: From my vampire side, I hold dark red eyes and pale skin, though darker then pur blooded vampires. I also keep my hair luxuriously long. They are black and I prefer to keep them tied up, but it happens ever so often that I will let them fall to my waist. I am also very thin and my facial features are more feminine then manly. People often mistake me for a woman. True to my vampire side, I like to wear dark clothes, usually just plain black. From my lycan side, I practically hold no resemblance except my unusually strong bones and nails. From both sides I earned powerful jaws with dagger like fangs. The rest of my body is easily takin to be that of a one man or a flat cheasted woman.
Psychological Description: Being a very unusual child, I've been rejected all my life. My mother, I've never met, but was the vampire in my blood. My father, the lycan, only took care of me until I could fend for myself. Neither side of my self would accept me in their lives, so I roamed the lands. I don't really know how I ended up being the way I am, but I would do anything to be loved, even if this means being embraced by my own half brothers. This deisre to feel love has become so powerful that it seems I can't live without it. When I am being embraced, when my brothers make love to me, I don't feel as bad, I feel the relief of being desired, of being loved. I never want this feeling to stop.

Story: The instant I caught my first pray, the pack leader banished me. It seems he could stand my sent anymore. I was the unwanted child, the cursed mix blood. I was half vampire and half lycan. Vampires couldn't stand my lycan side and lycans couldn't stand my vampire side. I felt alone. My father had told me about my many brothers, so I decided to go see and meet them one by one. Father had been busy it seems, because I had managed to track twelve of them down. Most of them were like me, mixed blood, but one of them was a pur blooded vampire. I didn't know where he was, so I looked for the others.
It looked like everythime I would find one, they wanted to have me in their bed. I didn't fight back, their embrace made me feel at peace, as if for the first time in my life, I felt happy and loved. I felt safe. Of course, many of my brothers only did this because I looked more like a woman and because they needed it, but there was onea them that truly desired me. This half brother was part Vampire part Drakken and he loved to see me in pain. I didn't mind, when he hit me, I could almost feel love behind his blood thirsty eyes, I let him beat me up, rape me and then say that i was desirable. Too desirable. But my quest had to continue, and I knew he wouldn't be happy of my leaving. I needed to find my other familly, the only pur blooded one in our familly. The one I shared mother with. Maybe, he would also embrace me.

Other: My only means of defense that I can actually effectivelly use is my whip.

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Kisaki Shindo
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PostSubject: Re: Seiyoku Hoshii   Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:13 pm

I love it!

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Seiyoku Hoshii
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