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 Halvir the Arrogant Immortal

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Halvir Hroptr

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PostSubject: Halvir the Arrogant Immortal   Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:47 am

Last Name: Hroptr
First name: Halvir
Nickname: The Golden Dragon
Age: 9889

Sex: just a guy
Sexual orientation: straight????

Description of Dragon Form:

- Fire breath ( 9.999.999 Celsius)
- Very board and wide golden wings ( 10 meters length each)
- Golden dragon skin
- Tail ( 20 meters length)
- Dragon Claws ( diameter 5 meters)
- Dragon fang ( length of front fangs : 2 Meters , Middle and back fangs : 1 meters)
- Red fiery eyes ( only in dragon form)

Rank: Master
Profession: Sorcerer
Kingdom: Jakuu Kingdom

Powers: [Maximum 4 powers from one or 4 different element]

-Darkness : dark spells ( berserk, reflect attack, mind corruption, illusion, telekinesis ( moving things around using magic)
- Fire : breath of fire , fire manipulation , uses of fire spell ( curse, fire bolt, fire ball, etc)
- light : use of light spells ( mostly healing spells) , dispel ( this will makes any effect of bad spells or attack gone, also works against normal melee attack), demon seal or evil’s bane ( to bind demon / corrupted soul), cleansing ( cure for corrupted soul and mind)


Darkness: I can cast dark spells such as berserk- to make someone loses their mind and go crazy. Reflect attack- which will reflect any kinds of attack, similar to negate attack. Mind corruption is something like mind control, I can corrupt one’s mind and control them like a puppet. Illusion does what it always does, and for telekinesis, I can move things around me (including a person) and move them around all I want.

Fire : as Draken who has dragon’s breath, it is natural for me to be able to control fire and uses it as I see fit.

Light: I find healing spells to be very useful so I use them and learn a lot about those things. Dispel will help in defeating or makes any magic effect disappears (also works against normal melee attack). As for demon Seal or evil’s bane, I only use it to bind or seal demons and evil creatures.

What Kind of Master: Cold, Arrogant, temperamental, rude, rough, cruel, and for the record my good side is always hidden! so don't expect to see or feel it if you are a stranger.


Born from an unknown being, Halvir has physical appearance that is surely, unusual. A long silver hair that thrown over his broad shoulder, Pale skin that seems like a white jasmine. Handsome face that makes Gods envy him, a pair of golden eyes with a cold steely gaze that glare to the sun without fear, tall, strong figure that makes him feared by his enemies. Beautiful yet surrounded by thorns just like a thorny rose.
As if born mysteriously not enough, Halvir could change into a dragon. Indeed that when he transform into a dragon he will completely have a form of a dragon, a gold dragon to be precise. He is even gorgeous in a Dragon form. With wide golden wings that could tear the sky apart, fire breath that could turn frozen river into a lava lake, strong huge claws that could tear thousands of stars in the sky.


Halvir is a sorcerer that is born when the mysterious star of Orion shines brightly in the sky. This makes his powers even stronger. He masters all elements; he can turn into a dragon whenever he wishes for it. However, such incredible power makes him unwanted by the society which makes him filled with anger and hatred. The people will mostly avoid him and at the same time, admire him for his beautiful figure. He likes it when people fear him and stay away from him, even though deep in his heart he yearns for warmth, still he does not realize this yet.
Halvir hroptr, the greatest Draken sorcerer in the realm, he surely is very temperamental. He can never control his emotion, anger, or desire. If he desires something, then he will have it by all means using any kind of way either it is bad or good. He is an arrogant person yet gentle and warm, however his gentle side is rarely to be seen especially by people who are not close to him.


Halvir hroptr, his life is complicated, very complicated that nobody can understand him, not to mention to get close to him. Most people won’t bother about him; they fear him for his great sorcery and his cold glaring eyes. Halvir is actually a warm and gentle person deep inside his heart, but somehow, by the rude treatment from the society he becomes filled with anger and hatred. A part of his heart enjoys this kind of anger and hatred since he could always challenge those who disgrace him and humiliate them to the worst humiliation.
This kind of life goes on and on for years, for almost in his entire life he lives this kind of life. Till one day, He meets Valdrigr who asked for his assistance for he heard of his great sorcery. When Halvir meet Valdrigr in his eyes, he just can’t seem to look away and it feels like Valdrigr’s charming jade eyes put him under a mysterious spell. Halvir can’t say a word when they meet and he can only sink in Valdrigr’s jade eyes. Since then, Halvir just can’t leave Valdrigr’s side, it could be said that Valdrigr is the first and only person that could touch the depth of Halvir’s heart.


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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Halvir the Arrogant Immortal   Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:08 pm

Welcome! ^^

Everything is good! Very Happy



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Halvir the Arrogant Immortal
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