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 New rp area.

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PostSubject: New rp area.   Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:54 am

If anything, please check out this new and up coming role-playing site.

Highlights and features.

It's on chat

Storyline ones.

Advanced roleplayers, willing to teach newer ones.

Good, descriptive posts; Being able to keep to plots and stories.

Everything will be kept record of.

Every month, we'll be hosting a monthly general RP idea; Participating in it, will give bonus ranks and forum points.
Plus, so much more.

Fighting wise.

Tournaments will be held, rankings kept; records kept.

All of those kinds of things. An opening T-1 tournament is open, waiting to start. There is six known participates as is.

Other things.

we're open for suggestions, friendly staff (in a way, if you have that sense of humor) that are actually willing to listen and accept ideas of members. In fact, we already have. So please, check it out. Join if you like it and if not, thank you for your time.
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New rp area.
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