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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 Takahiro Ito

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Takahiro Ito   Wed May 23, 2012 6:32 pm

Last Name: Ito
First name: Takahiro
Nickname: Master, Lord Takahiro-SamaXD
Age: 14788 years old

Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Bi? Who really knows? I'm hard to understand...

Rank: Master
Kingdom: I have a great mansion high in the mountains not far from Kanzem, but now I travel everywhere saying I don't have a real home!

- Metamorphose
- Liquid Crystallization
- Emotion Control
- Teleportation
Description of your powers:
I can change my physical appearance, witch allows me to never get caught by my enemies. What I mean by this is that, I can make myself look like a complete different person if I wish. I get really tired at the end.
For the liquid crystallization, I make liquids, even blood, become solid like ice or glass. It seems to be really painful When I do that to others!
For my emotional control, I can sense if the person is strong and kind hearted or if you are just a cruel person. If I am close enough, I can make you get calmer or not want to fight anymore. It hard to control a persons emotions. The stronger they are mentally, the harder it is for me to use this.
As for Teleportation, this comes in handy when I need to fight. I can escape to a place I've already seen or been. So I can make myself appear right behind you before you can even give me a hit, if I was fast enough to move away. I only use this in fights or if I need to get quickly to some place, far away.

What Kind of Master: I would say that I'm gentle... some what I love having fun with people. Would you say I'm perverted? Maybe I am... Would you say I evil? If me being.. suductive... evil then I guess I am.

Physical Description: What can I say about my apearence... I would say that I'm quite elegent and very good looking. I keep my long silvery white hair, sometime pulled back. Yet I prefer to let them down a bit to let every one see just how long and pretty my hair is. I usualy dress in light colors, simply for them to appeal to my snow white skin. My golden eyes are quite peircing, some may think I might be cold hearted because of them. I usualy never wear any armor finding it quit usless, I'm already quite powerful. Every thing I wear, Isn't really made for traveling, mostly wearing kimono like clothing. Don't know how, but they never get dirty, no matter where I'm travailing! I never let anyone see, my naked body, yet underneath, my muscles are well cut.
Sadly, I now have an imperfection that still needs to heal. I now have only one wing, the other got pulled out a few centuries ago. My lost wing is growing back but very slowly. Since my father was a phoenix, I was born with with similar wings as his, even if my mother was a vampire. Never could really use them to fly, but luckily, I have the ability like the angels to make my wing disappear. Though because of this, I only appear in front of people with the description I have said. I have gotten so used to this look that I forget the in reality, I atcually have long black hair and blue eyes. And more natural looking skin.

Psychological Description: People never seem to know the real me, or at least thats the feeling they get. It's not that I hide who I am, others just wont beleive what the see. You could say that I am quite mystirious, for I always look like I am secretive. They might be right, since I always keep my thoughs to my self, always some kind of plan behind my head that I never tell. Even those I trully trust know what I am think.
People also tend to think that I'm carlessor that I never seem to take anything seriously. I might agree with that, wait, achually, I don't think so...I never let my self get it to a situation that I know that I will have no way out. I do get into some situations that may seem quite crazy, and here I am with a smile on my face. My enemies take me for a fool, while they are their trying to threaten me. I am smarter then I may seem, I always find a way to hit you by suprise in a way you could of never suspected. I think that I get this from my father, he was a pheonix after all! Is this me being narcicistic? I don't think so, though I would say that I do look pretty good...
I don't give my trut to much people. I need to find the worthy. For me, they need to be a strong and kind hearted person for me to find them interesting. I like to seductive and prvoke people to their limits. Only thing is that my fun is to also stop, never going all the way, even if I can see in their eyes how much they desier me. always tell them to not be so hasty. Though they never really seem to be happy when I walk away. I've never let anyone tuch my skin or let them see me naked.
I would say that all I can say... But again who knows if all of this was true, for no one knows who I really am.

My father was a Phoenix and my mother a Vampire. I would guess that I inherited some quality's from both of them. For I was born with wings like my father, that I can hide like the other angels. As I grew up, I started to have the luxurious tastes of my mother. I sometimes get the thirst that a vampire gets. I grew up in the big city of Kanzem, yet I wasn't really happy their, so later on I've decided to have my own mansion high up in the mountains, but still not far from the big city. Though my life was simple, I started to feel the time pass by slower and slower. I was getting bored living up there. Finding myself old enough and feeling strong enough, I set out of my home to discover the Lands I lived in. Of course, I took my time, let people see me everywhere I went.
As I traveled, I met a lot of people. Most of them thought I was crazy and careless. I've engaged myself in lots of fights, never losing once. Then I started noticing that others around me also started looking bored of their lives, though they decided to make other people that had a lower rank then they where to be toy to them. I once let myself get caught to see what those "pets" where living. I let him believe that I was week, letting him do what he wanted at first. Though the day that my pretend "master" pulled out one of my wings, I quickly fought him off and "killed him. I think that today he must still be regenerating.
After this incident, I hated everyone that where enslaving the weaker or less fortunate immortals. As I kept traveling, one day, I saw this little boy getting beaten by several women, I didn't want a boy already be needing to regenerate. He seemed to be suffering a lot from the treatment they where giving to him. I went up to the these girls asking them if I could talk to them. I told them I wanted him as my own pet. I had to give them a lot of gold after a long negotiation, before I convinced them to buy him out of their hands. After, I let him follow me everywhere I went. I trained him to become a strong fighter and also to control his thirst. He is still following me after several centuries.
As we kept seeing the horror around us, I started thinking that maybe it would be time to change things. As I was thinking of wanting to change things, I wanted my young follower to become the general of the army I wanted to start.
I ended up saving an other person not long ago. He seemed to think I was a fool like all the others. I think he will follow me also! I think that It's time to change things around this world! Will I start the beginning of a new era? Will this young man want to be part of my project? I hope he will, he seems to be strong, exactly what I'm looking for. Besides, he seems to be quite... tasty! I might have fun with him!

Other: I carry around a long katana and a few poison darts in small pouches.

Hidden Face I let everyone see:
My true face:


...Broken Wings, Broken Soul... Thus we Hide Behind a Mask to Hide our Trueself...
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Kisaki Shindo
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PostSubject: Re: Takahiro Ito   Wed May 23, 2012 6:36 pm

Your Sheet is as Perfect as you are, Master.

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Takahiro Ito   Wed May 23, 2012 6:39 pm

Of course my sheet is perfect! XD

And I sure Hope that I am validated! I am the master mind behind all of this! O.O


...Broken Wings, Broken Soul... Thus we Hide Behind a Mask to Hide our Trueself...
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Takahiro Ito
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