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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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Takahiro Ito

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Emperor of Kanzem Kingdom:

Name: Ryuusuke
Race: Draken
Age: Unkown

Point of view about pets: Pro pet, just toys to be played with then trown out when bored

General Description:

- Kind ruler to his people, completely indifferent to people from other kingdoms. Only keeps good relationship with the other Emperors.
- Loves luxury
- Extremely perverted
- Has many pets, but only one favorite that get good treatment
- Gets bored easily, so dismisses his pet after 200 to 300 years
- Can be extremely cruel to his pets
- Loves to see his pets get tortured or be put in embarrassing situations
- Many offspring but never takes care of them nor does hi acknowledge their existence.
- Always trying to grow more powerful and grow his lands.
- Has a thing for orgies, enjoying them a lot
- He keeps his cruelty hidden from others, every one see his as the greatest and most kind emperor of all the lands
- Since he owns the biggest land and still keeps a good relationship with the other emperors, no one dares attack his lands unless they wish to get destroyed


Emperor of the Elves of Seishin Mori Kingdom:

Name: Mitsuri
Race: Elf
Age: Unkown

Point of view about pets: Neutral, Not going to treat any one as a toy, but does like to get the affection.

General Description:

- Like to be close to his people, he doesn't like in a big mansion or a castle. He lives on the biggest tree house of his village
- Will never engage in wars, unless if he has no choice to defend his lands
- Welcomes people to his lands, only if they come in peace
- Cares nothing about material items
- Great protector over every living being in his forests, he has a deep love for his forest and would destroy anyone who dares damage his lands.
- He shares his power over the lands with the fairies, allowing them to have their queen, leaving them in charge of the sacred tree.


Emperor of Jakuu Kingdom:

Name: Zephyr
Race: Vampire
Age: Unkown

Point of view about pets: Pro pet, only toys to play around with and tortur

General Description:
- Cruel and indiffrent with any one he meets. Caring only about himself
- Totures for mear pleasur, pets rarely survive long under his care
- When he is bored, he oftens send out his army to bring back more pets, destroying villages from the other kingdoms
- Loves to keep his kingdom dark and gloomy
- Does not care if his people love him of not, even if his own people fear him.
- Encorages violence and slavery
- Bleives that everyone around him and from his own kingdom are simple pets.
- Has a thing for orgies, enjoying them a lot


Emperor of Kaminoyama Kingom:

Name: Samael
Race: Phoenix
Age: Unknown

Point of view about pets: Neutral, Wants his pets to treat his as a friend

General description:
- Kind hearted only if person proves that they are good
- Encourages the proof of worth amongst his warriors
- Often goes out saving pets that are about to be brought out to the black market, then releasing them
- Is pretty careless and forgets often to tell others who his is and what is position is to strangers that don't recognize him.
- Likes to play around with his pets, but sees them as his best friends
- He is a heavy drinker and a big party animal, it rare to not see him drunk, but he still stay powerful if provoked in a fight


Emperor of Sabuku Kingdom:

Name: Kitatsu
Race: Beastling, part unknown
Age: Unknown

Point of view about pets: Neutral, he see them as jewels or decorations

General Description:
-Loves to bask in luxury of his palace covered in gold, with his numerous pets and servants
- Loves to fight for fun with his warriors
- Quite lazy, sleeping most of the time
- Loves getting feed by his favorite pet or play with them
- When he is not being lazy, he will always listen to his people and help them
- Treats everyone with care, never cruel with anyone unless if punishment is needed
- Very hot tempered when he is enraged, better to stay away from him if you don't want something thrown at you



Queen of the Faries of Seishin Mori Kingdom:



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