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 Discovering the world again. [PRP Valdrigr and maybe Halvir

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Akinobu Alsvieth

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PostSubject: Re: Discovering the world again. [PRP Valdrigr and maybe Halvir   Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:11 am

Halvir likes me? Really? He sure fooled me! Then I stoped thinking about the annoying draken and gave my full attention to my brother. What he says then makes me smirk. I waited after his loving kiss to me, then I looked deep in his eyes and kissed his lips more. My kiss was a little more demanding, not of his body, but of his affection. My kiss came to an end and I pushed my brother until he was laying down on the bed agaib and my body was against his, without putting any of my heavy weight on him.

"Your heart and body are plenty good enough for me. But you've also given me much more. You gave me a reason to resist the call of blood and chaos. You gave me a little brother that is just simply adorable. And don't forget, Vald, I can only be happy if I'm in your presence. You... calm the vampire down to leave me room to be myself a little more. My neclace is the only thing that I can give you, I have nothing else but you."

I kissed his lips then, sliping my tongue in his mouth, kissing him hard and soft at the same time. I held his body close to mine. I kept kissing him until his face became flustered and he moaned.

"My everything."

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Valdrigr Alsvieth

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PostSubject: Re: Discovering the world again. [PRP Valdrigr and maybe Halvir   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:11 am

His brother kisses him again and says that the necklace is all that he can give to vald. Of course he does not mind that. Akinobu himself is more than enough for vald. He loves his brother and he is more than happy to have him around. His brother says that Vald gives him more than just his body and his heart, he says that the only reason he can be happy is that when he is with vald. He gives his brother a gentle warm smile and pulls him close with both of his slim arms.

,” to have niisan by my side makes me happy already… you are more precious than your necklace for sure and… you are always welcomed in my arms , whenever you want to come to me, I’ll embrace you niisan…”

He then kisses his brother and makes him fall to the bed beside him. He cuddles his brother closely, kissing him, caressing their lips against each other before sealing them again in a tender kiss. Then, Vald slips away from his brother’s arms slowly. In nude, he slowly walks to the shower room, he needs to refresh his body since he is just get up and haven’t bathed yet. He throws a smile to his brother and gently says to him

,” niisan wants to bath with me? Ummm… though halvir might join us too…I… hope niisan is okay with it..”

He knows that halvir will not let him off from his sight again and that pleases vald actually. He loves his draken so much and he likes it when his lover touches him, just like when his brother does the same to him. As Vald walks out from the room, he sees halvir who is done with the dishes. He smiles seductively towards him and inviting halvir to bathe with him.

a Loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge
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Discovering the world again. [PRP Valdrigr and maybe Halvir
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