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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 *.::Story of Masters Pet::.*

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: *.::Story of Masters Pet::.*   Mon May 21, 2012 11:32 pm

*.::Story of Masters Pet::.*

This happened a very long time ago, before even the human world we currently reside in was created. Yet, what humans will later on call heaven and hell is our home. We will be seen as gods or demos because of our powers but we are neither. But that is in a far future... for now, this story happens before we decided to create the human world.
The people in this world are born immortal with special abilities, certain abilities were present in all different people and this caused a separation with the immortals, as they had different powers. Therefore this created different races.
The time period is currently medieval and based upon Ancient Japan; this means that guns, electronics, laboratories, scientific research or any other form of modern technology does not exist within this world.
Within this era, the rich and powerful get easily bored as there is nothing exciting ever takes place with their land unless they organise something which they did. There was a time where they forced their soldiers to fight with each other for entertainment but the leaders quickly grew bored of this. They needed to be physically entertained as well as psychologically so they have taken to kidnapping various people from different lands, including their own, and forcing them to be their slaves. These captured people are more commonly known as pets. It did not matter the rank of the person captures because as soon as they were captures by their new master they were nothing but a pet. The pets are to be used however the master sees fit, most people are for capturing people and using them as slaves but some are not and feel that it very wrong to use people in this way. This argument is soon to become the next war for absolute freedom.


Theme and goal of the forum: Have a master and pet relationship. The pet should usually listen to it's master and obey to it's every order. The pet may be used in any way the master desires. Feel free to be either a cruel, kind or perverted Master or be the obedient or rebel pet. No one dies, they only go in a deep coma until the regenorate. Forget every concept that you know about the humain world. No gods.. no death...

*Note: don't forget to read the other usfull information you can find HERE*


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*.::Story of Masters Pet::.*
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