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 .::Powers and Elements::.

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: .::Powers and Elements::.   Mon May 21, 2012 5:55 pm

Everyone can manipulate powers coming from different elements. Each Race has a number of powers they can manipulate.

Note: Vampires control Darkness

Number of Powers each race can manipulate:

Elementals, Drakens: 4 powers from one or more elements.

Phoenix, Vampire, Lycans: 3 powers from one or more elements.

Forest Keeper and Beastlings: 2 powers from one or 2 elements.

Elements and Examples of Powers:

Fire: Can control fire, protect yourself, create fire out of fine air etc...

Water: Control water, make ice, waves etc...

Air: Control wind, make electricity, control temperature over them etc...

Earth: Move dirt/rocks, make plants grow, make a shield out of rock/plants etc...

Light: Healing powers, make blinding light, see things that will happen in the future, telepathy etc ...

Darkness: Mind control, metamorphose, illusion making, or anything out of nature...

NOTE: Difference between the beastlings and the metamorphose power. The beastlings only have part of the animal and usually those physicality attributes are permanent (Take Inuyasha as an example) As for the Metamorphose power, you can transform into a different person or into different kinds of animals.
Since angels and Drakens transform into; in the first case a big bird or have wings, and the second into dragons; this isn't part of the metamorphosis powers, again they are automatic attributes set for those Races. Same goes for the lycan transformations.


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.::Powers and Elements::.
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