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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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Takahiro Ito

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In this world every one is immortal, in other worlds they are considered to be gods. They used to all be called this way or also "Elementals". Every one has powers that they can manipulate. With time some people started having physical attributes that weren't considered being a power any more as for they become automatic abilities to those who shared the same attributes. Their for, they started giving themselves names to their race.

Phoenix: Some others also call them angels. They either have wings they may hide with their magic or have a full giant bird form for others. They are known to be the most perverted from every one else and love to fool around. Others often think that they are really immature for they don't take much very seriously, witch might be part true. Yet, they are misjudged for they are really smart when they take something at heart.

Draken: They are known to transform into a dragon. In their humanoid form, they may sometimes chose to keep their dragon horns as they can hide them at wish. They are known to be the wisest and most knowledgeable of all. They always love learning new things, reading. Their magic skills are really outstanding and so are their weapon wielding.

Forest Keepers: They are very close to nature.They may be elves or fairies, yet they share the same purpose to protect and keep wild life alive. The fairies are known to be really shy yet kind and caring. In day time they are small, not bigger then a small bird. At nightfall, they take their natural humanoid size. As for the elves decided to always stay their full size. For some unknown reason, they all have long and/or pointy ears.They always make everything perfectly and are very skillful fighters. People love to go to them for weapons and armor if they find you worthy. Both are known for being to manipulate nature like growing plants with no seed. They are also the best healers.

Vampires:They are very fast and agile. They know how to take us by surprise for we can't here them approach or see them when they move too fast. They can smell blood from far. They need to feed on blood once in a while. (Though, since every one is immortal, they only weaken their victim.) They are very attracted to luxury. They are also very romantic, seductive and provocative people. They are very strong when it come to manipulate people (darkness element). Some think they are narcissistic, for they love to look good and look at them selves and often think they are perfect. They can go out during daylight, though they are somehow a little sensitive to it. So they prefer going out during the night. They also have their normal eye color( blue, red , purple ect...), though when they drink TOO MUCH blood or when they get angry, their eyes turn red.

Lycan: They are known to have a two legged wolf like form at anytime. But hey don't lose themselves while they are in this form. They shed the fur, like if it was a coat of skin and fur, when they go from the lycan to humanoid form. They sometime sell their fur or use it themselves to be made into coats or other things. They have great brute strength. They have a really great sens of smell. They are also very loyal to those they care for or swore to protect. Yet then sometime tend to be a little grouchy when things don't go their way. They don't get into the wolf form only at full moon, though that's when they get more irritated. (So don't go pissing them of on those nights! Unless you want to get hurt! XD)

Beastling: They are mostly humanoid yet they have some animal body parts. Such as, having wolf or cat ears and tails and the rest is human. They never a full human like or animal like appearance. They are stuck permanently between the two. Their sens of hearing, seeing and smelling are greater then the others. Though they don't have much strength but can use short weapons quit easily. They are very cunning: great at hiding, sneaking and tracking. They are great with survival skills, doing anything to protect themselves. They can be great thieves or spies too, if it's needed. They either stay in large groups to help each other or stay solitary to hind more effectively.

Elemental: They are all the other immortals that hasn't giving themselves a specific title. Only thing is that they don't usually have something they transform into. (Unless if they have a metamorphose power different from the others.) They just have a humanoid form and control a few elements/powers. An elemental can be born from parents that are two other kinds of immortals and sometimes get their ability's from both parents. As an example a lycan and a draken, and being able to still get partly into a dragon, and needing to drink blood.

NOTE 1: AGES: Since this world people are Immortal, god like, people look young all their lives. It take's a long time for a Immortal when they are born, as in we humans are born, to grow up in their "adult form"... It may take centeries... Usualy around 300 they are in their adult age, for other it may have taken longer. Though it may also goes with the persons desiers to age fast or not.
NOTE 2: Every Immortal, when they get very angry, their eye may turn red or their skin get darker.
NOTE 3: THEIR ARE NO HUMAINS IN THIS WORLD! They don't exist yet! Our earth dosn't exist yet!
NOTE 4: An immortal dosn't die, but when we say an Immortal is "dead" or got "killed", this means that the person is in a very deep coma need to regenerate from deadly wounds.


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