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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 Mitsunari Aira

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PostSubject: Mitsunari Aira    Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:27 pm

Last Name: Aira
First name: Mitsunari
Nickname: Aira
Age: 73 258

Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: I'm not certain anymore

Rank: Pet
Always been a pet?: No, I used to be a part of my family
Ex Profession: Emperor's personal Pet
Kingdom: Kanzem

- Telekenisis, Light
- Touch Reading, Light
- Healing, Light
- Liquid Crystalisation, Water
- Touch Telepathie, light and dark (it can fit in both)
Description of your powers:
- Telekenisi, the power to move objects with my mind. The object can be hidden from my sight, if I know it's there, it will move. I can move, objects and people alike.
- Touch reading, the power to know everything about you, your past and your thoughts with a simple touch of my skin to yours.
- Healing, from minor scraps to open gashes, I can heal anything. It is my most powerful technique.
- Touch telepathie, power to make you feel everything that I feel. Weither it is a good feeling or paib, if it's physical, I touch you and you will also feel it.

Physical Description: Since I used to be in a very luxurious environement, I have been taken real good care of. My hair, even though it is extremely long, is always well combed and stayed a luxious black color, ending in light silver tones at the bottom. My eyes have been complimented on their ocean blue color and my soft, pink skin has always been that way. I dress in silks, weither it be for entertaining or traveling though the silk mist be dark colored. I've been ordered to always carry a sword by my side, in case my master askes me to battle for entertainment.
Psychological Description: Whatever my master desires, my master will get. I have been raised to always listen to orders given to me. I never failed to listen and if I do not please my master, I expect a punishment equal to the order given. I am submissive and I am used to being bossed around. I entertained in any way asked, combat, dancing, sexual favors. I have no rebelious blood in my body. I am happy the way I am, as long as I have a master to serve.
Though, it does happen that I wonder what it would feel like to take my own decisions, to choose what I want to wear and what I want to do. But then again, people have always been making decisions for me. I don't really like fighting, but I will do anything to make my master smile.

Story: I remember hearing my parents talk about financial problems and that they didn't have enough money to take proper care of me and my five sisters. Their answer came in the shape of a imperial representant looking for a new pet for the emperor of Kanzem. My parents didn't waist any time selling me to him.
I didn't really mind, my sisters would have a good life now. But I have heard how cruel the emperor of Kanzem was and I feared for my own life. You can imagine my surprise when he took me in as his personal pet. My job consisted in entertaining him any way he chose. At first it was just dancing and fighting, which made me happy for I could practice two things that pleased me. But then he became sexual with me. He was angry, it seems I was hard to satify in that area.
My life was good, even though I had to take difficult decisions for my master sometimes and force myself to have sex with him. But at last, this good life had to end. The Lord changes pets every 200 to 300 years. My time was over, and I was sold to a merchant.

What kind master you want: I desire a master that will be able to take care of me. I will do whatever he orders, so he can be a pervert he can also be violent. I just want him to be respectful. And a man (preferance).

Other: The only things my master has left me is my sword.
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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Re: Mitsunari Aira    Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:29 pm

I think everything is ok! Welcome!!



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PostSubject: Re: Mitsunari Aira    Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:32 pm

Thank you my Lord.
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Mitsunari Aira
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