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 Master's arrival [Prp Xandreas Hellron]

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Ketsueki Chishio
Abandoned Pet

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PostSubject: Master's arrival [Prp Xandreas Hellron]   Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:07 pm

It was cold again this morning. It was cold but I had no clothing but the one on my body so I didn't bother looking for some. I had fallen asleep in Master's bed again. He hadn't come back yet, but I still believed he would eventually come back to get me, he loved me. I made the bed again, looking at my Master's side and sighing once more. He would come back for me, right? I felt abandoned and hurt, but I still would serve my Master if he showed up out of the blue. For now, I would guard his mansion and everything he cared for until his return. But first, I had to find myself something to eat, and fast. I hadn't eaten in many days, I have no money to shop for food and the storage was empty. I walked into the dark hallway and steped to the stairs. I went down, like I do everyday and turned left into another dark hallway. I stoped in front of a portrait of my Master and smiled as he did to me on that painting. I continued down the hallway and pushed open my Master's favorite door, the library door.
This room was the one place I took great care of. I took my time to chasse away the dust and to place all those books in perfect order. But today, my mission was a different one, I have noticed little knaw marks on some of the bookselves. I had a rat problem and rats were books mortal enemies, I had to get rid of them. Besides, Master wouldn't want rats in his beautiful home.
I walked around the big, dark room until I heard a squeeking sound. I followed that sound until I found a rat sitting on a book. I was angry now. How dare that vermine touch my Master's precious books? I ran, it ran, but I was faster and I captured it before it could go back in it's little hole. I smacked it's head against the floor and it stoped moving. i looked at it and felt my stomac grumble. I was starving, maybe this rat could give me some energy. Though I couldn't start a fire, Master wasn't here. I gulped, I would have to eat it raw.
Taking a deep breath and exhaling, I stuffed the rat in my mouth and riped off a big chunk. I chewed on it with my eyes closed, but noticed that the taste wasn't half bad. I swallowed it and took another bite. It would probably be even better cooked with some spices, but it was good enough for now. When I was done, I wipe my face with my hand and walked out of the library without forgetting to close the door behind me. It's only then that I noticed a smell in the air. It smelt like my Master, but different. I half ran half triped my way to the main gate and stood there. There was a man, and he smelt like my Master, and he looked like my Master. I rushed down the stairs and jumped on him to hug him.

"Master! I knew you'd come back for me! I missed you so much!"
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Master's arrival [Prp Xandreas Hellron]
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