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 Xandreas Hellron

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Xandreas Hellron
Master Prince

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PostSubject: Xandreas Hellron    Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:31 pm

Last Name: Hellron
First name:  Xandreas 
Nickname: Xander, Alex, Xan 
Age: 26315

Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: Bi

Description of Dragon Form: In his dragon form, he has a long lizard like body with sort legs. His scales are white with a few black patters on his back. He also has a main of black hair that starts on his head and goes to the tip of his tail. He has two point ears that sticks up in the air. His eyes turn to midnight blue. He has strong paws with sharp claws at the end of each toe. 

Rank: Prince, 
Profession: Mage
Kingdom: Kanzem 

- Charm (darkness)
- Leech (darkness)
- Animation (light)
- Transformation  (darkness)
- Natural Empathy (light)
Description of your powers: 
Charm= This power is mire like a mind manipulation. He can manipulate people just with the way he talks or the way he looks at them into there eyes. He can make them do what he wants them to do. It also make him immune to people that tries to control his own mind. 
Leech= He can absorb people's attacks and send it back to them. This power sometimes burns his hands, witch is why he wears his gloves to hide the marks just until they heal. 
Animation= He can see through objects, know there story and make them move to his needs. 
Transformation= He can transform the molecules in objects and natural elements into different objects by touching them and with a lot of concentration. It's almost like alchemy.  
Natural Empathy= He can sense people and different energies around him.  He will know if you are injured or how they fell. Due to this he needed to creat him self a barrier so that people can't pierce through him or make him go crazy. Though it's really hard to keep the barrier up. 

What Kind of Master: kind yet a little perverted at times.

Physical Description: Xandreas is average hight, about 5'8". He doesn't have the body built up as much like one of a worriers. Though he still has good firm muscles and doesn't mean that he isn't a skilled fighter. Despite his looks he is still strong and cunning. Being a noble man, he is always dressed elegantly. He always wears black and silver coat with black scarves tied up with his favorite red gem.  He wears tight black pants that are partly covered with his black leather boots that buckles up al the way up to his knees. He also wears black leather gloves. When he doesn't have them on, we can see that he wears rings. Three on his right hand and two on the left. He also has glasses even if he doesn't really need them. It to add to his look. His eyes are a reddish brown. As for his hair, they are silvery white cut around his face in the front  and has a long braid that falls to the middle of his back. 

Psychological Description: He wouldn't say he is obsessed with studying it's more that he is very passionate in learning everything he can. If he is not studying, he is learning other ways or practicing his gifts. With his cool and composed nature, a person could think he never loses control of himself. Of course, that is when people see him, he prefers the solitary life. The only real time he loses control of himself is when he gets sexually excited. He then becomes a whole other man. He becomes sadistic, likes pain and is usually violent. Though when he goes into those violent trances, he rarely remembers what he has done and feels guilty about losing control over himself.  

Story: Xandreas has always lived with only his mother in one of the many mansions his father owned. His father owned many a few small villages and was know very well across the kingdoms. His father wasn't one of the great emperors, but still came from the royal family of Kanzem.  He didn't know his father much since his mother was jealous  and wouldn't accept his father to have his own pet. There this one girl he really liked so he left to Jakku to stay with that only one pet he grew attached to. Xandreas didn't know anything of his fathers secret life. So he wasn't mad at him for not being around often. He was still happy with his mother and the gifts he would receive from his father.
Xandreas  still grew to share the same interest in books and magic skills. He would study a lot and his gift of feeling things made him like this kind of solitary life of being looked up in the library. 
One day he revived a letter saying that his father was killed and wouldn't be around for many years. Mean while the regeneration, his father was giving him everything he owned. One of the main requests was for him to go to his mansion in Jakku. So he left for a journey to go see what he could find in that mansion. Hoping to fin some new intersection magical objects and books to study. 

Other: When he is out, he always carries around a sword and a black leather cat tail whip. 

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Kisaki Shindo
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PostSubject: Re: Xandreas Hellron    Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:08 am

All is well.
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Xandreas Hellron
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