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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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 Presentation Sheet for Master Vampires

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Takahiro Ito

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PostSubject: Presentation Sheet for Master Vampires   Mon May 21, 2012 4:06 pm

[I will be asking you to erase everything that are between the hooks "[]" before sending your post. The information in the hooks are to help you complete this form correctly]
Last Name:
First name:
Age: [Minimum 300 years old]

Sexual orientation:

Profession: [optional]

Powers: [Maximum 4 powers: at least one power from darkness and 3 others from same or other elements.Give the name and element of your power on each line. ]
Description of your powers:

What Kind of Master: [Kind, evil, perverted etc... short description]

Physical Description:[4 lines minimum, wall to wall]
Psychological Description:[4 lines minimum, wall to wall]

Story:[7 lines minimum, wall to wall]

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Presentation Sheet for Master Vampires
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