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A world of immortals. Most people live freely, yet not every one has this chance. For the most powerful have pets that fulfill their every desire!
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Takahiro Ito

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In this world you are either from the high society or that you are a pet, a slave in other words

High Society

The Great Emperors: The lands are separated in 5 great lands all ruled by one High Emperor. They have the most pets out of any one in these lands. Also they have a great army serving them. They are the rulers one of the 5 giant kingdoms(Non player characters)

Emperors: They are usually ralated to one of the high Emperors or very close friend. They are in charge of a small part of the kingdom. In other words, the leader of a village. Though they do not have the ultimit power and still have to listen to the High Empror they are under.

Prince/Princess: The sons and daughters of the emperors or sometimes brother or sister to the high emprors. They are the second richest and most powerful across the countries. They are usually masters, yet if they get caught by a neighboring country, they may some times be pets. Like the emperor, they may own lot's of pets and have their personal army and guards.

Master Lords: They are really rich people. Some may own a village, living in great mentions or they may sometimes have own village. Or they may just be really extremally rich people. They are really respected people and don't have a hard time buying what they want. They usually all own pets/servants as many as they may afford. Those who own really big Villages may have a small personal army to protect the Village.

Master General: They serve one of the higher classes yet not really pets for they are the leaders of their army or personal guard. Their leader may sometimes tend to treat them a little bit like pets. Though compared to pets, they are still free and obey only if they are willing to follow the order. Some may own pets, tho they usually prefer to stay by their leaders side and protect.

Masters: These are the people that aren't a pet, but that aren't necessarily extremely rich. They are the ones that are still free.They can just be a normal peasant, a market owner, a poet a solder etc...

Pet Society

Pets: They are slaves to the higher classes. They have to fulfill their masters every desire and have no freedom. Though pets don't all have the same "job" to accomplished, that is to abay. Some are servants as for others may be guardians or gladiators. They are jus a toy the master loves to play with... though any pet, the Master will always use them the way they wish. Thought their life can be different from one another, it all depends on what the Master asks of them. So not all are miss treated.

Evaded Pet: These are pets that had enough of their life and decided to run away. They don't live freely since the Master is most likely to be after them.. and may be taken by an other master.

Abandon Pet: These pets are no longer desired by their previous master. They are often tied up in a deserted place or left to suffer. Often sold in the black market.


Everyone, no matter what rank they used to be in can become a pet if you got unlucky and got caught by an enemy figure with greater strength or with higher power. Witch means even if you where a prince or a master, it is possible for you to have become a pet. If this is you case, please mention it in you story in you presentation sheet.


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